Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of the most frequently asked questions.

We'd love to hear from you, and answer any of your questions, whether they appear here or not. Call any time 7am - 9pm, Monday through Sunday and our service staff will be happy to assist you. Our phone number is 800-920-6792, or you can chat live or do an online submission.

The Questions

"Do you buy any car?"
We buy many types of cars between the years of 1995 and 2009.

We also buy almost any Toyota or Nissan truck, and most Convertibles.

We also buy classics and other collectible vehicles of any year.

"Do you buy wrecked cars?"
Yes, we buy wrecked cars.

"Do you buy cars that aren't running?"
Yes, we buy cars that aren't running.

"I can't find my title (pink slip), can I still sell my car?"
We can buy your car even if you don't have the title. We carry all the necessary paperwork to purchase your car without a title.

"I still owe money on my car, can you buy it?"
Depending on the amount you owe, we can often still buy your car. Call one of our service staff to see what we can do in your particular situation.

"Is it better to donate my car?"
Read our page on car donations. With the changes made to the car donation laws in 2005, it is probable you will save/make more money by selling your car than by donating it.

"What do you do with the cars you buy?"
With newer vehicles, we will recondition them and resell them on our wholesale car dealer network. Older vehicles, wrecked vehicles and inoperational vehicles are often dismantled.

"How long will it take to sell my car?"
The actual buying process can usually be completed in 20 minutes. We can usually set an appointment for the same day or next day, even on weekends.

"My car didn't pass smog, can you still buy it?"
Yes, we can buy your car even if it didn't pass a smog check.

"I can't find an answer to my question, what do I do?"
Call our service staff at 800-920-6792, and they can answer any question you have.